early development of Bentong

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About Us

Bentong Gallery is a unique place where Historical, Cultural and Tourism affections converge.

Inspired by the significant achievements by Mr Loke Yew in particular, and that of other prominent figures in the past, the old shop-lots that used to house Loke Yew’s business activities in Bentong is now converted into Bentong Gallery. The original façade of these buildings has been intentionally preserved.The ultimate aim of Bentong Gallery is to dedicate a conducive platform for people not only from Bentong but also other parts of the world to know, understand and appreciate the historical journey that started many decades ago in bringing Bentong to her present state. The journey was indeed awesome, filled with so much astonishing historical events that became the key foundation in shaping up the Bentong of today.

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Our Uniqueness

There is plenty of information and interesting knowledge to gather from the gallery.

In addition to exhibits and information on historical and cultural that existed in Bentong, this Gallery also houses a cosy and nicely decorated café aka BG Café for visitors to simply have a pleasant cup of coffee or a delightful hi-tea with friends and business associates. There is also a souvenir store, better known as BG Store that introduces and promotes various local products from Bentong in specific and that from other parts of Malaysia.

The Gallery Comprised 3 Halls.

Hall 1

displays the history of early development in Bentong, focusing on the role and contribution by Mr. Loke Yew. Although tin mining already took place in Bentong prior to Mr. Loke Yew's time, it was done in a small scale. It was during Mr. Loke Yew's period that tin mining industry became significant in Bentong. The mining activities eventually brought in other economic activities to Bentong. There is a great display of photos showing the various economic activities and events in the past.

Hall 2

is dedicated to tourism aspect of Bentong in particular. Two large maps - one illustrating the significant landmarks in Bentong town and the other one, places of attractions within the proximity of Bentong, provide useful and practical information to tourists.

Hall 3

displays the past achievements and contributions of other prominent figures in Bentong. This includes the Pahang Sultanate that have granted approvals to develop Bentong, the past and present Members of Parliament of Bentong, the late Dato Low Fatt who was the Founder and former Chairman of TF Group of Companies, among others.

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Getting There

Bentong–The town with Great Past and Present Vibrancy

Located about 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, Bentong is known as an ideal destination for tourists to unwind and relax after visiting the cities. Bentong’s natural environment surrounded by mountains, greenery and water, is most appealing to the tourists. Reachable by road from Kuala Lumpur in one-hour, Bentong is also fondly known as “Back Garden of Greater KL” and “Backyard of Kuala Lumpur”.

By Car

From Kuala Lumpur, there are two routes to reach Bentong ie Karak Highway and Kuala Kubu. Visitors coming from Kuala Lumpur are advised to use Karak Highway which is nearer and more convenient.

By Bus

Buses to Bentong can be taken at Pekeliling Bus Terminal. There are various buses travelling between Kuala Lumpur and Bentong, namely Central Pahang Omnibus, Transnational, among others.

By Train

Will be available with the completion of ECRL in the near future.

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Bentong-Key Attraction

Further to great natural environment, Bentong has gained her popularity through Musang King (durian) which is the King of Fruits. Musang King has attracted durian enthusiasts from other states in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, among others. Bentong is also famous for her ginger, tau foo pok, honey jack fruit, soya sauce and other local food. In the town, visitors can savour some tasty local food like yong tau foo, wan tan mee, ais kacang – these are the favourite delicacies of most visitors to Bentong.
Bentong offers a wide varieties of attraction to different visitors. In the town, there are many old heritage buildings to visit, namely Bentong Gallery itself, Chinese Town Hall, Kwong Fook Temple, among others.
For those who enjoy nature and outdoor activities, a visit Chamang Waterfall is highly recommended. It is located about 7 km from Bentong town. There is also the Hot Spring along KL old road.

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